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Aftercare & Maintenance

Aftercare & Maintenance

Caring and maintaining your floor is vital to ensure that it looks and performs to the highest possible standard. Below are our aftercare and maintenance recommendations, for various flooring types. You can download further information and guides in our Download Centre.

Laminate Floor Care & Maintenance

Dry maintenance is possible with a microfibre cloth or with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure a vacuum is equipped with soft wheels and a special parquet brush to avoid scratches on your floor. NEVER use a steam cleaner. Wet maintenance is absolutely forbidden. For slightly damp maintenance, we advise specific maintenance products (see instructions provided with these products). Be aware that the use of other cleaning products might damage your floor. Always wipe dry immediately until no more moisture is visible on the floor. We strongly recommend dry maintenance only for bevelled-edged products.

The smooth surface of your laminate means it never absorbs dirt or dust. Remove stubborn stains carefully with a specific stain remover or some acetone. Never use scouring products.

Never use wax or varnish on the floor.

Prevent moisture creeping between the panels and under the floor.

Remove any water immediately.

Protect furniture and chair legs with strong felt caps.

Avoid bringing dirt, water and sand indoors by providing a suitable floor mat at the door.

Use (office) chairs and seats with soft casters Type W (EN 12590) that are suitable for a laminate floor and/or use a suitable desk mat. Lift furniture and never drag it over the floor.


Engineered and Solid Wood Floor Care & Maintenance

For initial care immediately following installation of a lacquered finish flooring, remove any installation debris and brush or dust the floor. Clean the floor with Bona Cleaner,  taking care to use the correct type of flat mop and to follow the instructions on the container. Bona Cleaner is available from the Find Me A Floor website.

For initial care immediately following installation of an oil finished floor, remove all dust and debris from the floor and clean the floor using the recommended Carver Deterol Cleaner for Oiled flooring, taking care to follow the instructions on the container. Carver Deterol Cleaner for Oiled Flooring is available from the Find Me A Floor website. Vacuum or sweep the floor weekly, or more if needed. The vacuum head must be brush or soft felt. Do not use a vacuum that has beater bars or a hard metal head. A floor swivel head flat mop with replaceable cloth cover is highly recommended to eliminate finer particles of dirt and grit that may build up on the floor.

Spillages and tracked in dirt should be wiped off the floor immediately.

Periodically, or as is deemed necessary based on dirt build up etc. thoroughly clean your floor by using either:

Lacquered floors – Use Bona cleaner. Manufacturers recommended instructions must be followed

Brushed and U.V. oiled floors – Use Carver Deterol cleaner. Manufacturers recommended instructions must be followed


Vinyl Floor Care & Maintenance

After installation of your Vinyl tiles they should be cleaned then sealed with the manufacturers recommended maintenance products. Sealing with a polish prolongs the life and appearance of your vinyl tile. 

You should also routinely clean and vacuum your floor and only stripping and re-polishing when the floor starts to look dull. 


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